Why Sugar?

  • Body Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells.  As a result, when it is removed it gently exfoliates dead skin cells leaving your skin silky smooth, without damage.
  • Body Sugar is all natural and water soluble.  So natural it's even edible making it extremely safe and healthy for the skin.  It can be easily rinsed off of the skin or or any surface using just water.
  • Sugaring extracts hair in the natural direction of growth (opposite of waxing).  This causes the hair to be removed easily with less breakage and irritation.  The sugar paste also seeps into the hair follicle which helps lubricate the root for easier extraction.  
  • No risk of burning.  Body sugaring is done at body temperature, making it comfortable for the client with no risk of burning.  

Body Sugaring will:

  • Eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs
  • Extract all hair colors and textures
  • Improve skin's tone and texture
  • result in less hair growth over time

Body Sugaring will not:

  • Burn the skin
  • Damage live skin cells
  • Promote cross contamination
  • Cause unnecessary discomfort
  • cause ingrown hair